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What is artificial intelligence ? And what are the types of AI?

what is artificial intelligence?
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1) What is artificial intelligence?
2) History of Artificial Intelligence.
3) Types of artificial intelligence
4) Future of Artificial Intelligence

1) What is artificial intelligence?

Simply put, Ai is a duplicate of human intelligence processes by machine. AI method is a great Version of software to the techno world. This is a kind of modern change. Things that a person can do are done through a computer by various formulas (algorithm) as a human or more.
Eg Reading books, writing letters, talking, driving, etc.

2) History of Artificial Intelligence

Even though the name of Ai is now heard but this medium is very old.

In 1959, McCulloch and Walter Pits created the models of artificial neurons, and in 1959, Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon came together to create the first Ai program called “Logic Theorist” and in 1956 an American computer Scientist name John McCarthy Used word “Artificial Intelligence” in DartMout Conference and a new era of technology began.

AI algorithms were created to solve mathematical theorem in 1966, while in 1972, the first Humanoid Robot called ‘Wabot-1’ was created in Japan.
So, for the first time in the world in 2002, AI entered the house in a form of Vacuum cleaner.
Ai software has landed in the business world in 2006 and some companies like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter etc . Started using AI . and today it is used in many places of education, technology, science and so on.

3) Types of Artificial Intelligence

1) Narrow AI

This type of Ai can be used for doing a particular one task.
Eg. Playing a game, identifying photos

2)General AI

This method of AI has been created to work as a person .The intellectual work is the main task of this method.

3) Superi AI

This is an AI method in which software can work better and more effective than humans.
This method is still stuck around the discussion.
Eg. To give important results, make rules.

Also, as well as the function of AI, there are four types that are said to be as follows

1) Reactive mainines

These machines are just related to the present scenario and answers accordingly.

2) Limited memory

Limited memory machines are used to stored past memories and some Data for a certain period of time.

3) Theory of Mind

Through this machine, human emotions, sensations, retention Ai can be understood.

4) Self-Waareness

Self -awareness is the mechanism created for AI’s Future . These machines will be more effective and better than human beings, but at present it is a matter of debate.


4) Future of Artificial Intelligence

According to Analytics India Magazine, the use of AI is going to increase extensively, which is likely to be 70.0billion USDs.
Nowadays ,Digitalization is applying AI tools in many areas So , according to statistics or daily use of AI tools it quite possible that AI will take a boom in Future.

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