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10 Essential Ai tools Transforming Everyday Life.

Top 10 best Ai tools
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Introduction –

Artificial intelligence technology is the beginning of a new era and in this background many good and bad things related to this technology are coming to our ears but like every coin has two sides, if we know the good side only then we can keep ourselves awake from the bad side. Therefore, it is important to know how we can develop ourselves by keeping in mind the good side of this technology. Today we can use Ai to make our life more smooth.

This top 10 Ai are now used in a very large and diverse way and by using it we can also learn many new things and perform many things smoothly through it. Amazon Alexa, Google assistant these Ai tools have become our virtual assistant today we can do many things by using them and we can also digitalize our home by using smart home device tools like Nest Thermostats and Ring doorbells. Self driving cars , Medical Ai , Financial Ai , Educational Ai are making many things easier but all these are big scale things but there are also some great tools which can make your work easier just by using your fingers and we are going to know what they Top 10 Ai tools….

Top 10 best Ai tools

1. Grammarly

We all write in our daily work. Everyone from students to working class is bound to writing and this writing is now digitized but Grammarly is the best tool to find out the mistakes in what we write in terms of spelling or layout. A professional can write by checking sentences and punctuation.

2. Duolingo

  It is a great tool used for various language training using which you can learn any language as per your desire and time through Ai tool.

Why MACHINE LEARNING is so important for Ai?

3. Canva

Using this tool you can create great flyers, posters, images for your brand marketing, events, birthdays and even uploading on WhatsApp in a very professional manner.

4. Todoist

This is a task management app. Everyone likes to work efficiently and structured as it leads to better output and for that this management tool can be very important to track your goals.

5. Description

It is an Ai transcription tool that you can use to convert any video and get its content in written form. You can easily edit and share something using this tool.

6. Fireflies

This is an Ai meeting assistant tool, by using it you can record the talks in your meeting in written form through the tool and not only that, you can also easily get information (summary) of all the important points and topics in the meeting.

7. ChatGpt

It is an artificial intelligence chatbot tool that allows you to easily write, think, consume information and much more.

8. Brain.fm

It is an Ai powered music app tool. In the daily rush of life we are also mentally tired and thus this is the tool to get the tune we need to refocus on our work, relax or sleep.

9. Resume worded

According to everyone’s resume, he gets a job, but if your resume is neat, prioritizes important things or shows what the other person really wants, how great it would be, but not everyone has this skill, but now, using this tool, you can easily give your information and get a Job from Ai in a very short time. Can create friendly resume.

10. Simplified

This is a very important tool. This tool can do everything that the above nine tools can do and more. Graphic design , social media manager , Ai writer Asha does everything very well with this tool.

conclusion :

Artificial intelligence is a technology, we need to consider how it will be used for our good, for our development. Also, our intellect is more innovative and creative than a technology, so it would be appropriate to seek the help of these tools rather than relying entirely on them as we are expected to develop our intellect using this tool or different tools that are only a helper in our development.

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